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The Malvern Cube

Currently our only  project is the installation of a 30kWp solar panel array on the roof of Malvern Cube

Our Panels on The Cube

The installation was completed on the 5th September 2014.

Run by Malvern Youth and Community Trust, Malvern Cube provides an affordable, safe and well-maintained environment for a variety of community activities. This is the site of our first solar panel project – where it will not only benefit the environment, but also support this invaluable local institution.

In a year we generate almost exactly the same as the Cube uses, but because their usage pattern does not match the generation pattern, we only supply just under half of their electricity, the rest is exported to the grid.

Not everyone in Malvern has come across the Malvern Cube, but for many its services are indispensable. Here are just a few examples of what it offers the local community:

  • Transition Malvern Hills, the environmental group that gave rise to our co-op
  • The youth group Tribe
  • U3A Latin lessons
  • Reaction Theatre, a drama group for adults with learning disabilities
  • Drop-in information sessions for people interested in volunteering in the Malvern Hills region
  • Dance fitness training

And, of course, much more. See their website for more information